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822 22 ALFTA

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+46 70 564 97 27

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SIP, Asterisk, IVR, Solaris, Sun Hardware, Sun Software, Unix, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, CentOS, FreeBSD, System design, System installation, System Management, System Administration, MediaWiki, Wiki, System tuning, Monitoring, Survailance, Software development, Statistics, git, Jira, Performance, Tomcat, phpBB, SNMP, SMPP, SMS, MMS, Cisco, Foundry, Nortel, Alteon, Dell Powerconnect, Bitcoin, Blockchain, FreeIPA, Centralized authentication, SSL, SSL acceleration, HTTP/2.0, SPDY, Clavister, D-Link, Netgear, Linksys, DD-WRT, DELL, HP, IP, Internet, C, PHP, Perl, advanced shell scripts, operations, implementation and design, IPv4, IPv6, IBM BNT, OpenVZ, VoIP, Problem Solver, Network Security, FreeIPA, LDAP, VMware, Nutanix, KVM, Hyperconverged, System Security, pfSense, Vyatta, VyOS, quagga, IBAS Partner, Lighttpd, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, MariaDB, Proxy, Development, Data Recovery, Open Source, Wordpress, Joomla, Windows at Home, LAN, WAN, Windows Home Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Phone, WAIK, CMAK, Connection Manager Administration Kit, Automated VPN installations, Windows Server